Which Of The Following Describes A Cross-Licensing Agreement

C) Disagree with the partner on quality issues 16) Coca-Cola has cooperation agreements where it produces concentrate that it sells to other companies in order to be able to bottle its beverages. Which of the following terms best describes this type of arrangement? 4) A U.S. company plans to move from export to production in China to serve the Chinese market. Which of the following statements would best explain this decision? B) a collaboration in which each contributor receives a reasonable return based on the relative contribution C) a collaboration in which the partners agree to share the technology among themselves 53) Tom, a manager of a multinational, was tasked with identifying a pool of companies with which the company could enter into cooperation agreements. Which of the following activities would be the least useful for Tom? 12) Executives of a U.S. company discuss whether to start a new operation in Russia or acquire an existing one. Which of the following factors best supports the decision to launch a new operation in Russia? 3) Which of the following reasons is the least likely reason why consumers would prefer domestic-made products to imports? B) ownership of a company by two or more companies, at least one of which is a foreign company in which the company is located C) an international agreement between two or more companies on the use of a trademark D) prefer the agreement as a licensing agreement Economic literature has shown that companies with high capital interests are more likely to enter into cross-licensing activity. [7] B) negotiates a special agreement with the host government B) an agreement between two or more companies not to compete in each other`s home countries A) Three licensees worldwide have the right to sell the product worldwide for three years, during which time no other company can use the asset. C) Determine whether the agreement achieves its objectives 47) Which of the following conditions is least likely to trigger the dissolution of a joint venture? B) an agreement signed by most governments to protect intellectual property rights A) a cooperation agreement in which at least one cooperating company takes a ownership position in the other D) an agreement between two or more organizations on the sharing of management know-how 10) A US company acquires an existing company in Germany instead of establishing a new operation abroad. Which of the following statements best supports this decision? 51) Companies usually use different forms of international transactions at the same time for all of the following reasons, BUT which one? Parties entering into cross-licensing agreements must be careful not to violate antitrust laws and regulations.

This can easily become a complex issue, which (as far as the European Union is concerned) Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), formerly Articles 81 and 82 of the EC Treaty (abuse of dominant position, etc.), directives on licensing, cartels, etc. 18) In which of the following situations is it most likely that a company will be able to choose the form of foreign exploitation it would most like to use? 21) All of the following arguments for governments to restrict foreign control over key industries, OTHER than these? B) Most governments want to see the details of the contract that companies perceive as owners. .

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