Driving Instructor Franchise Agreement

Over the past 13 years, as a multi-car driving school, we have let go of 67 instructors, 27 of whom are still with us. That`s 40 who stayed! Don`t be disappointed when an instructor leaves, it`s all part of a franchisor. Apart from those who have been « invited » to leave because of their behavior (rules are rules and they must be respected), I am always friendly with most of them. 16 of them have their driving school and are indeed my healthy competition, 21 have left the sector, many after the creation of their driving school or « hopping franchise », and 3 are currently in another franchise of driving instructors. During this phase, focus on your driving knowledge that prepares you for the DVSA Driving Theory exam in Part 1 Of course, the aforementioned compensation potential is proportionally lower or higher, depending on the rate of instruction you can calculate or order in practice. It probably wouldn`t be realistic to expect this return potential in the first year your business is in business. It does, however, serve to illustrate how you can calculate your potential income as an LDC driving school instructor. If the revenues of other driving schools are so much lower, it is because of the much higher franchise fees and/or student generation fees, which only get worse if their teaching rates are lower than you could earn with LDCs. Of course, if you use your own car, this difference is even greater and you would increase your potential income by an additional £1,000 per year or more on top of those shown in the example above with PMA. Are you looking for an instructor for your school or are you an instructor who wants to join a driving school? We`ll help you if we can! A teacher`s income based on business fees can increase from £22,000 per year for an average of 28 hours per week to £33,000 per year for an average of 38 hours per week, provided the price of teaching is around £25 per hour. Therefore, the last ten hours of a work week can have a dramatic impact on your income/profits. Therefore, independent monitors, whose trade averages 28 hours per week, would be significantly better off with LDCs if we could help them earn 10 hours of overtime per week, bringing their income to £33,000 per year. The extra £11,000 gain would easily cover our franchise fee (£2,600), so they will be better off at £8,400 a year in this example.

How you would benefit from running an ART driving school instead of working alone will vary from person to person. However, the deductible only has to help you earn 2 extra hours per week (about 3 extra students per year, provided they took 32 hours each) to pay for themselves. If you are on the deductible, you can only calculate £1 per hour more, if you are back on the deductible, it is practically paying. This is done without taking into account all the other benefits and savings of an LDC franchised driving school owner. We charge one of the lowest franchise fees of any national driving school. We run a franchise where you only pay for what you need. Therefore, we can offer a very economical franchise, which will probably offer you the greatest earning potential of any other driving school franchise, or even compared to your own company as an independent instructor. If you`re an experienced ADI considering joining a driving school franchise, you`ll likely consider all of your options. Let`s start by indicating that RED was voted « National Driving School of the Year » in 2018.

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