Condominium Property Management Agreement

Make sure the company has the right tools, including property management tools. Companies that have these tools are generally more productive and efficient. A contract is a formal agreement. It is legally binding and clearly defines the obligations and expectations of each party. In this case, the contract would detail what is expected of the property management company and what the responsibilities of the owner are. Denise, the founder of Lash Condo Law, has over 25 years of experience as a condominium lawyer representing condominium clients in all aspects of real estate law. Denise is known for her effective dispute resolution methods in managing issues between condominium corporations and developers, as well as solving complex problems faced by their condominium clients. Instead of returning to small claims court, Condominium Corporation appealed the Divisional Court`s decision. The Court of Appeal set aside the Divisional Court`s judgment and reinstated the small claims court judge`s decision.

The Court of Appeal found that the Small Claims Court judge had properly considered the evidence and that the reasons for the decision were sufficiently clear. The Court of Appeal found that the Small Claims Court judge had correctly taken into account the cumulative effect of the manager`s acts and omissions and « that several acts or omissions can reach a level that cannot be achieved alone ». What makes this case interesting is that the Court of Appeal`s decision was influenced by the fact that the original decision was made in the Small Claims Court. « The review of the small claims tribunal`s reasons on appeal must recognize the informal nature of the court and the volume of cases it handles and its legal mission to handle cases effectively. Just as oral justifications will not necessarily be as detailed as written justifications, small claims court justifications will not always be as thorough as those of the Supreme Court. « This recognition of the context of the Small Claims Court makes it possible to validate judgments on small claims, which are a little informal and contain less detail than in judgments rendered by higher courts. A qualified property management company allows residents to feel comfortable, voice their concerns, exchange ideas and talk about problems. .

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