Child Care Provider Registration Application And Agreement

Agencies should register each provider who serves CCAP children and document their authorization with the corresponding Registration Forms from the Department of Human Services (DHS). Claimants can also register if they are not currently caring for children receiving child care assistance. If a licensed provider receives a new license number, including when a licensed caregiver is authorized by a new county or strain, or if an unlicensed certified center receives a new certification number, they must re-register and receive a new MEC² ID. Non-Minnesota licensed providers and tribal licensed providers who provide child care in the licensed state or territory under the jurisdiction of the license base must verify their license as part of the registration process. Use the following letters/indications for all types of suppliers listed below. Letter/notification templates are available on eDocs. Agencies must re-authorise suppliers by renewing their registration at least every two years. See Chapter 11.24 (Supplier Renewal). DHS recommends making available to all providers a copy of the Minnesota Child Assistance Program (CCAP) (DHS-5260). Register and authorize care with the family`s chosen provider before paying. See Chapter 9.3 (Payments to Suppliers).

An overview of the childcare licensing process in Washington. Licensed daycares from Minnesota, another state, or a tribal licensing agency. Send the provider registration and confirmation form according to the type of provider: WAC 110-300-0475 asks family home providers and childcare providers to use this DCYF form when reporting certain injuries and incidents to the department. Providers of compulsory school age may use this form, but WAC 110-305 does not require the use of it. WAC 110-300-0170 requires a family home provider and a child care provider to conduct an annual fire safety inspection. If a local government authority is not available to perform a fire safety inspection, the supplier must verify fire safety using the State Fire Marshal form. WaC 110-305 in school age does not require this. Before you can authorize payment to a supplier, that provider must register with your county or tribe.

Suppliers must register with the county or tribe serving the family. Registration is the process by which you can determine if a family`s chosen provider qualifies for payment under the child care program. The Agency shall send a supplier registration and confirmation dossier explaining the registration process, including a request for basic supplier information, the supplier`s payment policies and the supplier`s confirmation to all suppliers. . . .

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