Article Non-Compete Agreement

« Therefore, if you are not sure whether the inclusion of a non-competition clause is effective, you can add one to your agreement, in addition to a saving provision, without risking the cancellation of your entire agreement. If it turns out that the non-competition clause is not valid, [the non-enforceable part] will be separated from your agreement, while the rest of the agreement will remain in full force and effect. « There are limited situations where a reasonable non-compete clause may be valid in California. Existing government guidelines: Illinois prohibits companies from requiring employees who earn $13 an hour or less to sign a non-compete agreement. Other states — such as California, North Dakota and Oklahoma — prohibit enforcement, but not the signing of a non-compete clause. However, studies show that workers in States that impose these enforcement bans sign competition bans at a rate similar to that of workers in States that enforce these agreements. Even unenforceable competition bans can have a negative impact on workers` occupational mobility and wages. The state in which you work plays a role in the enforceable time constraints of a non-competition clause. Fontanesi said the following states have specific guidelines on what constitutes a « reasonable » time limit: the problem is that it can be difficult to distinguish true intellectual secrets from accumulated abilities that make workers more valuable. And since few companies want to lose a good workforce or give huge wage increases, these deals find their way in the economic direction to people like hairdressers and sandwich makers, far from what is considered a knowledge-knowledge economy. For example, in the Williams case in 1992.

Nevada, an American politician .

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