Payment Service Agreement

Customers generally increase disputes over the payment card network (also known as « chargebacks ») when a merchant does not provide the product or service to the customer or when the card account holder has not authorized the fee. High litigation rates (usually over 1%) may prevent you from using payment processing services. If you don`t manage disputes with your customers on time and efficiently, this may prevent you from accepting payment cards for your business. 13.10. Paysera points out that pays in all cases only intervenes as a service provider for the customer who only provides or offers services to the recipient when he becomes a Client of Paysera. 8.7. If necessary and/or requested by institutions in other states, Paysera has the right to obtain additional information (for example.B the name and name or name of the beneficiary`s legal person, a payment code) necessary for the proper execution of the payment order. PayPal may terminate this contract or suspend services for you if any of the following steps occur: (1) we are required by the networks, the purchaser or a mandate of a supervisory body to stop providing services for you; (2) We believe that you have breached this agreement or that you will likely do so; (3) if we find that your use of braintree payment services carries an unacceptable risk, including credit or fraud risk; or (4) at the sole discretion PayPal there is another legal, reputational or risk-based ground. If PayPal is required to terminate this contract, PayPal will notify you in writing as soon as possible.

Commission – a fee that Paysera charges for a payment transaction and/or related services. 4.13. If Paysera does not rem donate the money to the customer for reasons not controlled by Paysera, the customer will be immediately informed. The customer must immediately indicate another account or provide additional information necessary to refund the money (execute the payment). We may share your phone numbers with our service providers (such as billing or collection companies) with whom we have contracts to help us pursue our rights or fulfill our obligations under the agreement, policies or other agreements we have with you. You agree that these service providers can also contact you through calls and SMS automatically selected or registered in advance, only if we have been allowed to fulfill the above objectives and not for their own purposes. 4.12. If the customer terminates the contract and applies to the invitation to close his Paysera account and delete his profile from the system, or when Paysera terminates the delivery of Paysera account services to the customer and removes the client`s profile from the system, the funds held in the Paysera account are transferred to the client`s bank account or to another electronic payment system indicated by the client. Paysera has the right to deduct from the money repaid the sums that belong to Paysera (fees for services provided by Paysera and expenses that were not paid by the customer, including, but not only, fines and damages suffered by Paysera as a result of a violation of the agreement concluded by the client and imposed by international payment card organizations, other financial institutions and/or government institutions).

In the event of a dispute between Paysera and the client, Paysera has the right to withhold the disputed funds until the dispute is resolved. « Payment method » refers to a type of payment method that Stripe accepts as part of payment services, for example. B credit card, debit card and ACH.

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