Binomo Client Agreement

It is worth paying attention to another important aspect of verifying the identity of the distributor: the security of funds. If the identity of the brokerage company`s client is confirmed and the attackers have had access to the account, they will not be able to withdraw the client`s money from personal data. For this reason, Binomo`s competent representatives have the right to block a user account if you withdraw money from an unredified account. Trading account – the customer`s registered account for financial instrument transactions on This document governs the business relationships between customers and business representatives, so that the conditions it contains cannot be ignored. In the customer agreement of the Binomo platform, the first section is devoted to confirming the identity of the distributor. Familiarity with the most important provisions will provide an answer to the question of how can the review be done? Only leave for if you don`t like your money. At least that`s what happened to me when I wasted 2.5 Bitcoin believing in them. On notice from a close friend, I have to (BTCArbitt.

live😘) and the choice was worth it. This month I made 6.3 Bitcoin through their 10-day and month plans. That`s why I would suggest it a lot! The customer agreement will be in full compliance with the interests of the company`s customers (concession dealers) Most of those who speak negatively of Binomos and other brokers have lost money simply because they do not know how to act. Although generally, the incomes are quite real. – it is necessary to accept all the terms of the user agreement that are prescribed on this site. 3.2. In the affiliate account, the Affiliate has access to the affiliate program and promotional material as well as a unique affiliate link to users to the site, a recommendation link for the promotion of the affiliate program and the trading platform credits their trading account and pays the affiliate its affiliate and/or referral payments according to the rate selected under this Agreement. I want to give my money back. To return the frozen money, please contact our email ( or chat support service.

Paragraph 1.8 deserves special attention. In accordance with the above conditions, the customer of the Binomo trading platform should be willing to provide company representatives with notarized copies of documents attesting to actual location, registration address and identity. If refused, the request to take money is rejected. It is interesting to note that such measures are rarely used by the platform. The customer`s registration on the website is necessary for authentication and access to his personal account. How long does the check with Binomo last? The time it takes to verify documents submitted by the user by the company`s security service is governed by the customer contract and, in accordance with paragraph 1.4, is no more than 10 working days.

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