An Outline Agreement Exists For This Material

The framework agreement is a long-term sales contract between Kreditor and Debitor. The structure agreement are two types: this is due to « Info Update Indicator » in order to better disable. Now, first, set the falg removal process on the information set for this hardware and credit pointer in t.code:ME15 and save. This is a long-term agreement between a purchasing organization and a vendor that provides the equipment over a specified period of time on the basis of pre-defined terms and conditions. Thanks for answering Christine and Rory. I tried with the option to create a list of sources, with checking that in the hardware master too, but it also didn`t work. This is version 4.7 and I think there is a program error because standard, without the source list, SAP indicates the message of the 586 warning if the hardware is present in a contract at the time of order. We create an order (ME21N). For equipment and creditor, there is a contract, delivery plan or contract agreed centrally. In the command, the system should now display. B message 06 585 (there is a contract for this material). However, this message does not appear, even if the message (06,585) is misleaded (E) in the adjustment. Please, I need help.

Through the definition of the contract agreed at the central level – A contract agreed at the central level is established without a facility specification. The schedule is not specified until a contract-sharing order has been created – the expected message may not be displayed. If there is a centrally agreed contract with a device for which you place an order, message 06 587 is still issued. Message 06 585 would appear instead of 06,587 if the installation data were retained in the contract, so that the contract would not be entered into centrally. Out Line Agreements – Schedule Agreements (SA) – Img-Einstellungen The system does not check contracts in the Organization Plant- or Purchase, nor at the booking circuit level in ME21n, ME22n transactions. For this reason, the message 06 587 is always displayed, even if you use in the order organizational data different from those of the contract. In this case, the creditor is not a dominant data, these system statements only verify contracts for materials and not the combination of materials-supplier. The system therefore emits 06,587 if you place an order with the same creditor as in the contract. Contract The contract is a draft contract, and they do not contain delivery dates for the equipment. The contract consists of two types: individual authorisation contract issued against this contract.

[Definition: A long-term total is guaranteed to the supplier and the delivery of the equipment on the basis of the equipment The delivery contract is a long-term sales contract with the supplier, in which a supplier is obliged to deliver equipment under pre-established conditions. Details of the delivery date and the amount communicated to the creditor in the form of the delivery plan. It is used for mass production industries or where the consumption of materials is very high. If you`ve managed a valid source list for the factory hardware pair with a defined contract, the 06,585 system message doesn`t show up. The same applies to delivery plans with 06,586 messages, since 06 567-8-9 messages apply to source list cases. If at least one framework agreement (contract or delivery plan) is entered on the source list, the system message 06 568 is issued. but in this case, as mentioned previously, 06 585 / 06 586 not issued On 06 585 / 06 586 notifications was not issued at the time a contract / sched. The agreement is indicated in a valid source list because the source list has a higher priority in determining the source so the individual contract or delivery plan appears instead of 06 566-7-8-9 message that is placed in the source list.

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