Word To Break An Agreement

Another example is the breakdown of power – sometimes governments legislate to break the power of big business, which means weakening or destroying the power of these companies. So remember — « Taking a break » is a temporary break, but if you break a habit, I hope you stop the habit permanently. If you exceed the speed limit, you break the law Other phrases that use « pause » in the sense « interrupt » are when it is quiet, but then something breaks the silence. As if everyone was calm in a meeting and thinking about how to solve a problem, and someone said, « I have an idea, » that comment would break the silence, interrupt the silence. When we say the break of the day, dawn or dawn, we speak of the beginning of the day, when the sun rises for the first time. If a machine breaks down, it means it no longer works. We often use it for cars — my car collapsed on the highway, and I had to tow it. If someone breaks your heart, it means they hurt you emotionally. Maybe a friend or friend you really loved decided to end this relationship unexpectedly – it would break your heart. A. Agreement B. Violation C.

Broken Reconciliation D. Similarly, pause can also mean interrupting something, and sometimes stopping it permanently. If you break a habit, it means you stop doing something you`ve done many times before. If I eat a lot of fast food, I have to break this habit if I want to be healthier. When something breaks your mind, it`s different – it means it destroys your self-confidence and well-being. Suppose some parents always say negative things to their child like « you`re so stupid, » it would break the child`s mind. Let`s turn with the word « break » on phrasing verbs. I have already mentioned the importance of separation to end a romantic relationship, and now we will learn more. Similarly, the break means « to make something known », we have a certain expression of breaking the news to someone, which means informing them of bad news. Suppose I see my neighbour`s dog flying out of their house and getting hit by a car — then I have to break the news of my neighbour that his dog is unfortunately injured or dead.

Hi, students! It`s day 3 of our mini-course all about words with several meanings, and our word today is BREAK. Get ready to learn many different ways to use this word in English. We also have the phrase make a clean break that emphasizes that the separation is complete, so you can start fresh. Maybe you`ve had bad experiences in your city, and you`re moving to a new place so you can make a clean break with your past, completely separate from that, without continuing to be involved in anything from your past. We can also talk about a prison break, that is, when prisoners escape from prison. When it comes to relationships, breakup is often synonymous with separation. Dissolve the phrasal verb is used when a romantic relationship ends and the two partners separate. John and his girlfriend split up last week. When we talk about the context of current events, the break can mean revealing something to the public.

« The scandal is broken » means that the scandal has been made public. Imagine that my teenage son always sleeps until noon on weekends. Then he tells me he`s planning to wake up at 6 a.m. to play sports. I could say, « Are you going to wake up so early? Gimme a break! « to say, « I don`t believe it! » In the physical sense, breaking something is breaking it. This is often applied to things that should not break, such as the hull of a ship or a thick wall, as you broke the castle door! The resulting hole is called a break. We also use the break to say « stop for a short time » – for example, in the middle of a full-day meeting, the boss might say, « Pause for lunch » – stop the meeting for lunch.

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