Rnunl Agreement

Negotiating a collective agreement that protects the rights of members individually and collectively is the primary objective of RNUNL. A collective agreement defines issues such as pay, hours of work, periods of rest between positions, sick leave and leave. Throughout its history, RNUNL has negotiated numerous collective agreements, each a step toward a better life for nurses and patients, clients and residents. The collective agreement addresses domestic violence under section 22.13 and allows workers to apply for 10 days of protected unpaid leave. Section 34 deals with occupational health and safety and guarantees a policy of harassment and a policy of violence in the workplace. There are substantial specific commitments including ongoing risk assessments, information sharing, measures for exclusive operation and implementation of the national standard for mental health and safety at work. The collective agreement addresses discrimination and harassment in section 4 and imposes a policy on the employer of certain measures. Section 61 deals with occupational health and safety and violence when the risk of work is recognized. In a given language, employers must provide training in the prevention of violence and abuse, the right to refuse precarious work, stress management in the event of critical incidents, protective equipment and communication measures when working alone. « We believe this agreement is the best option for our members, and we recommend adoption, » Forward said in a statement. The collective agreement deals with safety and health in section 39 when it contains a language on the appropriate safety and health provisions of workers during employment.

Specific obligations are provided in the tasks and procedures of the Joint Committee for Health and Safety. A statement of intent (p. 100) requires the employer to implement a workplace violence prevention policy and best practice measures. A letter of action (see 101) addresses staff safety issues and professional complaints. « Our nurses are always there and provide care and compassion when they are most needed, » he said in a press release. « We see it first-hand during the current Covid-19 pandemic. The extension of this agreement supports the union, employers and workers. We are pleased to share our 2019-2020 management report. rnunl.ca/file/annual-report-2019-2020/ The collective agreement deals with safety measures for nurses covered by section 16, in which it covers the language of the Joint Committee for Occupational Safety and Health, breaches of obligations, the WCB and return to work, as well as safety measures. Abuse will not be tolerated and any reasonable effort will put an end to an abusive situation. There are special obligations to ensure safety measures in denotation services at certain times, and exceptions to the only one that work for most nurses. RNUNL is a dynamic learning organization. We offer many training opportunities for the professional development of members and also offer training and guidance to members and volunteers.

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