Queen`s University Faculty Agreement

Qufa supports the Scholar Strike for racial justice and an end to anti-black police violence and anti-indigenous colonial violence in Canada on September 9-10. We encourage teachers, university librarians and other collaborators to organize their work to reach students and we allow students to join the → Learn More. » « We are proud of the creative mobilization campaign, and the comics have increased interest in personal conversations with hundreds of people who send postcards to the employer and post photos on Twitter. The unwavering support of the subclasses, teachers and campus members enabled our first contract gains, » said Craig Berggold, President of PSAC Local 901. The union represents more than 260 scientific collaborators working in conferences, laboratories and faculty research projects. The ten-month negotiations yielded impressive benefits: an economic increase of 4.5% over all RA contracts that became effective as of 1 May 2019; a new hourly rate of $42.73 (corresponding to the TA rate) as of May 1, 2020. On February 13, 2017, the post-doc 901 Postdoc Bargaining team and queen`s University reached an interim agreement for the new contract! From time to time, parts of the collective agreement are amended by mutual agreement between the contracting parties mentioned in the agreements. The moas that were signed after the collective agreement was printed are listed below as links. If so, the online version of the collective agreement has been updated to reflect these moas. In accordance with section 4.3 of the collective agreement, the version published online is the « official copy of the collective agreement. » Colleagues, please find an introduction and an explanation for the recent agreement between qufa and Queen on the regulation of certain aspects of work, at a time when the state of emergency of COVID prevails. The agreements are available on the QUFA website here: QUFA COVID-19 Information We advise you to read the letter → Learn More Postdoctoral Scholars belong to UNIT 2 of PSAC Local 901.

We negotiated a new collective agreement with Queen`s University in 2017. Kingston, Ontario – PSAC Local 901 Graduate Student-Employee Research Assistants (RAs) have successfully voted to ratify their first collective agreement with Queen`s University, which will take effect on May 1, 2019 and expire on April 30, 2021. In addition to these new scales, all compulsory university courses are paid in addition to the RA contract (approximately five hours). TEACHING ASSISTANTS – FELLOWS VOTE IN FAVOUR OF NEW COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT After the vote of five meetings on 25 and 26 January, the members of Unit 1 voted in favour of ratifying the new collective agreement. Find out more here. PSAC 901 Unit 2 is composed of postdoctoral fellows at Queen`s University. A new collective agreement was ratified in March 2017. Dear Members Qufa, Since a Minneapolis police officer murdered George Floyd on May 25, a wave of justified anger and recognition of the simple truth, elegantly said, that Black Lives Matter has swept the world. That George Floyd is for and among countless racist men and women → More PSAC Local 901 RA Bargaining Team members were Craig Berggold (RA Kinesiology), Suhaylah Sequeira (Chemistry), Marshall Timmermans (Chemistry) and PSAC Research Officer Silja on Friday and Mathieu Brélé, Negotiator. Ladies and Gentlemen, QUFA Lunch and Learn – Email Conflict Management: November 25, 2020 (12-1pm).

RSVP to Elizabeth Polnicky ep43@queensu.ca until November 23, 2020 for zoom details. Click here for more information. QUFA Council Open Meeting: Rector Patrick Deane will attend the December Qufa Council meeting to discuss → Learn More Research Assistants Ratify First Collective Agreement – $42.73/h Wage parity with teaching assistants and contact Unit 1: TA/RA/TF members can work remotely from their country of residence during the duration of the Covid-19 emergency! Ladies and gentlemen, please note that the new QUEFA-Queen`s University collective agreement will begin on 1 May 2019.

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