Cipp Ottawa Collective Agreement

Our labour relations staff help our members manage a wide range of work issues. From issues related to your collective agreement to human rights, health and safety at work, we are here to help. If you want to learn more about this great leadership opportunity, Call Mike Lupiano (with the utmost confidence) at 613-862-2999, Nicole Poirier at 613-915-5030 or send your CV and introductory letter to: 10 ARTICLE 6 HOURS Work 6.01 Normal Work Week The w ork w eek will be Monday to Friday, w ith Saturdays and Sundays as rest days, with the exception of long-term care nurses and employees of the Ottaw a Paramedic Service branch are 24-hour operations or other hours in the collective agreement per week/day (a) normal hours of w ork Thirty-five (35) hours per day / seven (7) hours per day, or in the form amended in point b) or in other clauses of this agreement (i.e. long-term care and Ottaw a health service). b) The employer seeks THE agreement of the Union before the introduction of an hour of forty (40) hours for a specific position in the bargaining unit. Once an agreement has been reached, the worker`s annual salary is suspended based on the increase in normal daily working time (a) b) (c), the normal daily working time is seven (7) hours per day and is carried out between 7:00 a.m and 20:00 hours.m or modified as below. The parameters for planning normal w ork hours, as shown above, can be extended to 22:00 hours of the agreement of the worker and employer. The parameters referred to in point (b) may be extended on an occasional basis until midnight as part of the workers` agreement and, as is generally the case, the EU agreement. The Union does not unreasonably challenge such requests: The parties acknowledge that, because of the service requirements, employees of the Ottaw division are subject to another termination practice and may be planned due to service requirements: (i) 40 hours or 42 hours per week, set on average over a period of 40 hours or 42 hours per person employed, set on average over a period of 40 (2) w eek, according to the terms set by the employer.

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